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If running in a GPU-accelerated environment, LLaMPPL supports auto-batching.

The step method of a LLaMPPL model describes how to advance a single particle one step of generation. But inference methods must maintain many particles at once.

With auto-batching, LLaMPPL will execute particles' step methods concurrently, and automatically batch calls to large language models. This batching is handled by the CachedCausalLM object, and its behavior is controlled by two parameters:

  • lm.batch_size: the maximum number of requests to batch. The default value is 20.
  • lm.timeout: if lm.timeout seconds pass with no new request, the current batch is processed even if not full. The default value is 0.02.

You may want to set the batch size (lm.batch_size) to the number of particles you are using (if the number of particles is not too large).